January 9, 2018 / In Animation, Design, Illustration

Dutch TV show 'The Secret Diary of Hendrik Groen' closes first season with a record

According to Stichting KijkOnderzoek, the 12th and final episode of ‘Het Geheime Dagboek van Hendrik Groen’ – aired on January 9th on Omroep MAX – attracted over 2 million viewers to the late evening of NPO1. It is the most viewed episode of the first season of Hendrik Groen.

So far the show’s record stood at a mind boggling 1,941 million viewers during the 8th episode of the series. On average the first season has attracted 1.7 million viewers, which happens to be a considerable achievement for a TV show that is broadcasted late at night.

Shop Around is super proud to have been part of the successful TV show and want to congratulate director Tim Oliehoek with this huge achievement. We also want thank him for choosing us to create the leader for this great TV show. Attached you’ll find some studies of actor Kees Hulst as Hendrik Groen, that were made for the show’s leader by Shop artist Eric Ezendam. You can watch the leader here.