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October 4, 2018

Marnix Peeter’s novel ‘Ik heb AIDS van Johnny Diamond’ enters the book top ten!

‘Ik heb AIDS van Johnny Diamond’ (translation:’ Johnny Diamond gave me AIDS’) the new novel by Belgian best-selling author Marnix Peeters, has entered the Belgian book top 40 at number 7. The jacket design is a collaboration between our very own Shop Around studio and Shop artist Xaviera Altena. The book proved to be quite popular with critics giving it favourable reviews and went into the fourth print in just the second week of its release. One reviewer even called it “An ingenious cross-fertilisation of ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’ and ‘American Beauty'”.

It also caused a bit of a stir in the publishing world with its unconventionally low price. With only € 15,99, it is almost a quarter cheaper than the current market price of similar books. This move towards cheaper products, popularised by the growth of Netflix and its affiliates is something, according to Marnix’s publisher Pottwal, that the book sector has to follow. The fact that it includes a free download code, so you can also enjoy the book on your e-reader intensified the controversy even further.

Shop Around also created a series of three cheerful ‘testimonial book trailers’ starring a.o. Dutch Rocker Barry Hay and Belgian TV personality Erik van Looy. The trailers were launched on social media.